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Charles E. Kirk, The Kirk Report

Brian’s trading and technical analysis focuses primarily upon price action versus indicators, opinions and emotions. For that very same reason, he frequently finds success where others so often fail. Much can be learned by Brian’s approach to trading!

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Anne-Marie Baiynd, CEO of the

“When I first began trading several years ago, I knew very little about trading.  Choosing to learn from Brian Shannon was the very best thing I ever did to jumpstart my career and trading success.  Almost every time I speak publicly about my trading journey, I credit Brian with providing a solid structured approach to the discipline of trading.  He taught me a lot about making money consistently in the markets – but even more importantly to me, how to keep it.“

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Brian F, AlphaTrends Subscriber

“I’ve been following Brian Shannon at Alphatrends for nearly six
years. His trading technique is clean and simple, and definitely the
most successful approach I’ve found in 15 years of trading. He is
extremely skilled and works hard to get concise, valuable analysis and
trading information to his subscribers on a daily basis—but most importantly, I’ve only ever known him to be honest, reliable, easy-going and trustworthy. I’ve learned more from Brian, and profited more, than from any other person. Well
worth the price.”

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Honesty, Education, and NO B.S.

Brian’s consistent approach to the market and risk management is like no other, his honesty, education and no “bs” approach is what will keep me a alphatrends sub forever. Thanks for all you do Brian your service has made a big impact in my life.

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Jim K, AlphaTrends Subscriber

“No Market Voodoo here….just good sense, high probability trade set ups with limited risk based on Brian’s book and years of experience. I discovered Brian after a “coach” from another site recommended his classic on Technical Analysis. I was intrigued enough to follow Brian’s You Tube channel and finally made the commitment to his subscriber network last year. The level of wisdom I have attained through daily listening to Brian and watching his setups develop (or not) is invaluable. He is unwavering in the consistent application of his basic principles of trading with confirmations through different time frames. And too, his admonishments against that irresistible trader’s inclination to break the rules and suffer the consequences are both insightful and painfully amusing.”

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