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Stock Market Video Analysis for Week Ending 8/29/14

Sell in May and go away? Not this year! There is nothing wrong with being aware of seasonal trends, news or opinions of experts in the media but it is all noise if price action doesn’t agree. The market is our master, we need to listen objectively to its message.

Everyday in Alphatrends we focus on the stocks to buy now with risk management being the primary concern. No one will accurately pick the top, don’t waste your time coming up with intellectual reasons the market “has to go down” or that “it will end badly.” It will only end badly for those who fight trends and do not have a good method of controlling risk, don’t be one of those people!!

I hope you have a safe long weekend.

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Stock Market Video Analysis for Week Ending 8/22/14


It was another great week for equities, I hope you participated in the upside. The video below takes a look at key levels in the major ETFs and individual stocks such as $AAPL and $TWTR

I was on Yahoo Finance with my friend Phil Pearlman on August 22, the links below are to the subjects we spoke about including some stock trading ideas in $ZLTQ and $CROX We also spoke about stock market trends in the $SPY

This Bull Market Isn’t Dead Yet $SPY
Biotech and Twitter ‘stretched’? Why Yellen is wrong $IBB $TWTR
Fat zapping laser is a real thing and this chartist is bullish on the stock $ZLTQ
Crocs are ugly but the stock is looking good $CROX

If you missed it, this

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